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Juan Roldan aka Lethal

Lord Lethal, aka Juan Miguel Roldan was a lyricist, producer, and entrepreneur. Lethal had been writing for over 12 years and performing for over 9. Born in Manhattan and well traveled from Puerto Rico to Japan, he had endured many trials and tribulations throughout the states of New York and Florida. Regardless of the struggle or location, Lethal continued to develop his lyrical depth on his conquest for musical success.

Lethal R.I.P.

Juan "Lethal" Roldan Foundation

The Juan "Lethal" Roldan Foundation was established to continue Juan's legacy and artistic craft. The Foundation donates to a variety of charitable associations, such as the American Heart Association and the Polycystic Kidney Foundation. Numerous scholarships have also been awarded to students attending colleges with an academic focus in music studies.


Stream and download Lethal's first album, the posthumous 2005 release "In the Event of My Demise" executive prduced by Seyotho.

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We are getting close to completing several of Lethal's most long-awaited projects, and are anxious for them to be made available to the public. Please consider subscribing to our email list above to keep up to date on the latest news and releases. Any inquiries are welcomed using the contact information below.

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